"Had A Look At Your Business Lately?"

Not getting the inquiries, sales & profits you need and frustrated about what to do to fix it?

When was the last time you had a really good look at your business from the outside? As we know there’s 2 parts to a Business - the technical part of how you do the job/deliver your service and secondly how your business model runs and performs.

A huge challenge faced by most business owners is their main focus needs to be on delivery to generate cashflow and their business model suffers.

Ever wondered how you are going - here's your chance to find out where you are with your business.

And unlike other webinars, "THERE IS NO SELLING AT THE END, ONLY EDUCATION"!



"3 Steps To Sustainable Business Growth"

And learn what you can do about it ... without being pressured into buying anything.

Live Webinar
Recording Available To All Registrants
Wednesday, 19th Sept
4:00 PM Qld, NSW, Vic & Tas

In This Free 1 Hour Webinar You'll Learn:

  • 3 Core Pillars of Business
    Being able to deliver your service is 1 part of the equation of business, knowing and implementing the "3 Core Pillars" of business is the other equally important aspect.
  • Have More Opportunities To Sell
    This is by far the most important and needed part of any business. If the phone isn't ringing or you're not getting any inquiries you are dead in the water. You need to influence the market place with your presence so that you stand out from all of your competitors.
  • Increase Your Revenue Growth
    Once you have inquiries it's how you go about not only selling, but also selling to maximise the benefit to your customer and your business . . . that means as well as actually converting the inquiry into a sale, you NEED to focus on increasing the value of the sale in a helpful, non threatening way.
  • Optimise The Growth of Your Business
    If a business isn't growing, it's dyeing. Sustained Growth means being able to confidently plan for the future, whether it's providing for your family, holidays or even an exit strategy, only sustainable growth will allow you the luxury of being able to do that and a lot more.
  • How To Avoid The “Spaghetti-Against-The-Wall” Approach
    Instead of throwing anything and everything at your business in an uncontrolled manner, discover how to be in control, minimise failures and maximise success.

Steve Baker
Coaching Director, Carpet Cleaners Secrets
And Multi Award Winning Carpet Cleaner

  • Business Analyser
    Imagine if just for once, you join a webinar pre-armed with information to help you get the most from it.

    Once you register, I'll send you my Business Analyser which is an easy to use, yet powerful tool to allow you to see where you really are with your business.

    Then when you are on the webinar, you'll be able totally relate to what I'm talking about and take appropriate actions.

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