"Not As Busy As You'd Like To Be?

Marketing Foundations

"Are You Finding It Hard To Put Your Finger On The Answer To Better Marketing For Your Business?"

I don't have to tell you how hard it can be to attract new customers who are prepared to pay what you are worth.

When I started out as a Carpet Cleaner, I was in the same boat fighting on price alone - that is until I learnt some very important foundations of marketing that allowed me to command higher prices which gave me more profit.

It's the same as you trying to build a new house and if your foundations aren't right, chances are it will fall over or at the least have big cracks through it - BUSINESS is the same.

The BIG MISTAKE I made was doing "branding" campaigns as directed by newspapers, radio etc (with poor results) and also copying what my equally unsuccessful competitors were doing (dumb move on my behalf) and it wasn't until I was shown the "Money Magnet" way of marketing that I started to get results.

"Get Your Phone To Ring More Than Ever Before"

So, if you are sick and tired of bashing your head against the wall or just need your marketing to work better, up until NOW, the only solution has been trial & EXPENSIVE error marketing, usually by doing what everyone else does.

This is ok if you have plenty of time and heaps of money to waste, however if you are like most Carpet Cleaners and other business owners, you cannot afford that luxury.

There are so many options to get our message out such as Facebook, Websites, Flyers, Radio, TV, Shopper dockets etc however you face the same dilemma with all marketing mediums - WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT.

Get your phone ringing SOONER rather than LATER by joining me in my upcoming "Money Magnet" 6 Week Live Marketing Training.

solve the puzzle


  • How you can fill your diary with your ideal clients who pay, stay & refer instead of fighting by price alone.  I'll share with you how I was able to be at least 2 times more expensive than my competitors and why we were busy while they were quiet.
  • My "Money Magnet" process which will show you how to "stand out from the crowd" and how you can have prospects choosing between you & you.  By that I mean, I'll show you the exact steps I used to make me their only choice.
  • How to plan for your future with a systematic process to put you in control of your business instead of it controlling you.
  • How you can put a "Competitor Proof" fence around your customers to stop them leaving you and going to your opposition.
  • "Scaling" and how it can put your marketing and business on Autopilot.

"7 Great Reasons Why You Should Join The "Money Magnet" 6 Week Live Marketing Training"

  • Marketing Foundations - 6 Week Live Online Training
  • Carpet Cleaner Specific Content by Multi Award Winning 18 Year Carpet Cleaning Veteran
  • Live Question & Answer Segment In Every Session
  • Every Session Recorded For Your Future Reference
  • Topic Specific Workbook Provided For Each Session
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS: 2 Months Implementation Mentoring

Here's What's In The "6 Week Money Magnet" Training

Week 1

week 1
Week 1 is where we set the foundations for your sales to start increasing. We will look at what's working and not, what's possible and you'll map out your own plan for growth of your business.

Week 2

week 2
In week 2, you'll discover how to stand out from the crowd, learn my highly successful "Money Map" marketing system and create the 1st stage of your own "Money Magnet" system.

Week 3

week 3
Week 3 takes you deep into the "Money Map" system and what it takes to make marketing an investment instead of a cost. Then discover how my "Success" system will grow your "Money Magnet".

Week 4

Week 4 is where the rubber meets the road and how you maximise every call & inquiry received. It's all about the next step after your "Money Magnet" to ensure you get the highest sales conversion rate.

Week 5

week 5
Week 5 is all about the money and all of the little things that DO make a difference to your bank balance. Also learn how to handle those objections we have all been hit with to get the sale.

Week 6

week 6
In week 6 you'll learn how to create Golden Opportunities to increase your financial results while reducing the marketing & office workload. Scale your marketing to run on virtual auto pilot.

Steve Baker

Steve owned and operated Valet Carpet Care for 18 years, turning it from just an ordinary price focused business to commanding premium pricing and being awarded multiple National Carpet Industry & Business Awards.

He now shares that knowledge with carpet cleaners around the globe to show them the way to higher profits and a better lifestyle.

Join him in this "Marketing Focused" 6 week training to "Get Your Phone Ringing More Often".

If in the unlikely event after 60 days you have implemented what I teach you and haven't made back what you've paid me, I'll happily give you back your money! 

"Important Information?"

1/. Every week receive your workbook via email to print out and use to build your "Money Magnet" marketing system
2/. You will receive a special link to our Online Meeting Room system where you will be able to login, see me and the training documents as I take you through each week.
3/. You will be able to ask questions through the training.
4/. There will also be a special Q & A session at the end of every week.
5/. Each training will be recorded and the recordings shared with you for future reference.
6/. Sessions will be late afternoon / early evening - depending on your actual time zone

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