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How To Build A COMPETITOR PROOF FENCE around your customers. You've done the hard & expensive work of getting them through marketing & sales and it's so easy for them to not come back. (Learn how to keep them staying longer and paying more without any extra costs).

Secret #2
How To ESCAPE The "Hamster Wheel" Of Hiring & Firing. Properly recruited and trained team members multiply the effectiveness of any business including yours.  As a business grows, it's easy to become bogged down doing everything instead of high $ income producing activities.

Secret #3
Learn The 3-Step Marketing Framework That Gets Potential Customers Lining Up . . . that every time you invest in a marketing campaign, you know it will give a positive return on what you spent - imagine having a "turn key" system that you can turn on & off at will.

About Your Host

In 1983 Steve bought a job - a Carpet Cleaning business (Valet Carpet Care in Hervey Bay, Qld).  During the 18 years he owned it, he learnt the do's and don'ts about marketing & business development through his mentors which allowed him to win  numerous industry and business awards for how he ran his business.

Since 2001, Steve has been the go-to teacher for business owners who want more inquiries, more customers and a better lifestyle.  Steve works with Business owners who understand that the "Million Dollar Business" is a viable option and not a pipe dream.

His signature strategies are built around scaling systems for attracting prospects, converting them to customers and delivering consistently so that they remain loyal for years to come.  He's on a mission to eliminate hit & miss marketing and low or no profits and replace it with proven education based marketing.

Steve is the specialist in quick, effective marketing techniques that get fast & highly profitable results for businesses like yours.

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