12 months from now, you could be just 1 year older with the same old problems. Feeling tired, embarrassed and frustrated, promising yourself that "one day", you might do something about your income . . . OR you could be making "real" money that is the envy of your fellow carpet cleaners, family and friends as well as being happier and bursting with energy, because you don't have to work the crazy hours you used to.

Businessman has lost everything

ATTENTION: Carpet Cleaners! Are You Sick & Tired Of Wasting Your Hard Earned Dollars On Marketing That Doesn't Work?”

Please let me ask you a couple of questions;

How many times have you placed an ad in the paper or Yellow Pages, done letter box drops, sent out post cards etc. only to have low or no response, knowing all you have done is make another donation to the marketing company . . . I know I did that plenty of times in the early days of our business.

How often have you felt "Ripped Off" by various advertising companies (phone books, newspapers, printers etc.?) after not even breaking even on your marketing campaign – sounds a lot like a poker machine . . . have great riches dangled in front of you and leave empty handed

Remember how many times you have been “talked into” doing another promotion by an advertising rep . . . “frequency sells” they keep telling you because they don’t know how to create profitable marketing, therefore making it your fault for not advertising enough.

How many times have you sat there “banging your head against the wall” trying to figure out how to gain more clients so you can pay the bills?  Frustrating, isn’t it?

And then there’s the internet with web sites, social media, search engine optimisation, mobile sites and so on. It's enough to make you pull your hair out.

Have you ever wondered why business has to be so hard?  It doesn’t have to be this way because I found and unlocked “the secret” that all the successful carpet cleaners and business owners used to attract new clients whenever they need them instead of panicking about whether there will be enough money left at the end of the month to pay the bills.

All of this sounds grim, but listen carefully, it’s NOT your fault.

Those that know this stuff keep it to themselves and those that don’t just follow what everyone else is doing.  No wonder you are having trouble getting ahead.

steve-multi-award-winning-carpet-cleaner-&-business-coachPlease let me introduce myself.  My name is Steve Baker and for 18 years I owned and operated a carpet cleaning business in Hervey Bay, Qld called Valet Carpet Care.

Some of our highlights were winning the 1998 Australian Carpet Cleaner Of  The Year Award plus the 1999 and 2000 Fraser Coast Small Business Awards.

After winning these awards, I was inundated with phone calls from fellow carpet cleaners asking how I did "it". So I started giving back to the industry that gave me so much until my wife insisted I package our business up so more carpet cleaners just like you could benefit from what I learnt and implemented . . . after all, I could only work 1 on 1 with a few people at once.

The next logical step was to coach business owners in the exact same principles I learnt as a carpet cleaner and I have now helped in excess of 765 business owners in countless industries and professions grow their businesses and profits.

Now, I’m not telling you this to impress you, rather to impress upon you what you can achieve with the right knowledge.

You see, I didn’t always own such a profitable, well-oiled machine  In fact for years we “just got by” paying our bills with little or no money left over, sometimes even wondering how we would buy groceries
. . . does this sound familiar?

“So what changed?” you may ask.  Only one thing and that was knowledge. My gut instincts told me that there was “something more” out there waiting for me, but I didn’t know what, so I just kept searching until I came across the answer to our problems.

Once I had my new found knowledge and applied it, my carpet cleaning business skyrocketed (our smallest growth period after that was 43% for the year, and that was our smallest growth year).

WARNING! This is different from anything you may have ever seen or heard before!  If making maximum money in minimum time with less fuss, less effort and less work offends you . . .

please STOP reading now.

However, if you’re even slightly interested in BOOSTING your profits, then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

Feedback Concept


Just a short note to say thanks for giving me a preview of your marketing system.  We have noticed a real turn around in our business since putting just a few of your strategies into action.

Everything is going forward and when you release the full system, I WANT IT!  For anyone wondering if it works, I’d just tell them to buy it as it sure does.

Mark Spreadborough.
Spring Clean Carpet Care & Pest Control

Enough of what is happening now!  It can be a thing of your past if you choose because I have decided to release these closely guarded “secrets” to all carpet cleaners (if you are quick enough because I'm only allowing 1 per postcode).

I am doing this because they are of no use to anyone other than me and my current coaching clients if they are locked away in my head, plus I love teaching people how to succeed and live more fruitful lives.

Introducing . . .

“The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System”

This system is the culmination of 18 years of trial and error, fine tuning and testing to find the best possible proven growth strategies available today for the carpet cleaning industry.

Coupled with that is the wealth of knowledge I have acquired coaching and teaching business owners just like yourself since 2001.

7 reasonsHere’s 7 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Using “The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System” In Your Business Today!

  1. Because everything in the system has been personally proven in my own businesses to get positive results – no theory here. 
    I tried stacks of things over the years that didn’t work, so you benefit from the testing I did, plus get to save yourself tens of thousands of dollars because you don’t have to experiment to find the profitable ones.  (I’ve got a huge pile of ones that didn’t work which means I’ve saved you all that pain and expense).
  2. You will learn how to take your non-profitable ads and turn them into money trees and I’ll give you actual examples that you can copy and model off . . . imagine how much time that will save you.
  3. It’s one thing to get a new customer, but keeping them long term is another story and involves a lot more than just doing a great job.  This part is what drove my competitors mad because they couldn’t figure out why I was busy even in Winter while they were quiet.  My entire “customer retention system” is included so that you have raving fans that stay, pay & refer (and drive your competitors crazy with envy)!
  4. Speaking of referrals, did you know that a referral is the most profitable customer you will ever have because they come to you pre-sold without any advertising costs?
  5. You’ll learn my secret for screening out pure cheapest-price “time wasters” and attracting much better customers that are easier to deal with and are more profitable.
  6. You will be the only one in your postcode armed with “The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System” . . . that’s right; I am restricting this information to 1 per postcode because I only want my information in the hands of ACTION TAKERS – NOT procrastinators! If you snooze, you lose.
  7. You are backed by my Iron Clad, 365 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If in the unlikely event you don’t make ten times your investment after using my system for 12 months, I’ll give you all your money back PLUS you can keep the lot including the bonuses.  That’s how confident I am!
  8. Actually, there are 8 great reasons – you get Instant Access to download the entire package . . . no waiting for it to arrive, plus you save the cost of printing & freight!

5 Packed Manuals Ready To Explode Your Business Sales & Profits!


I don't want to spoil it for you, but here's a sneak peak of what's inside this incredible set of manuals;

start word on red push button


Manual 1: Fast Start Guide . . . Right at the very start I'll show you a simple strategy guaranteed to increase your PROFITS INSTANTLY!  In fact the only way this won't work is you don't use it – it cannot fail to deliver higher profits the very first day you use it.




Manual 2: Marketing & Business Manual . . . What you should read first but probably won't starting at page 5, you'll discover the 5 elements to cash pulling ads on page 26, find nine ways to boost your profits on page 30, see my most successful newspaper ad on page 33, learn the greatest marketing secret ever revealed starting at page 86 – that's just to mention a few of the proven business building strategies in this manual.



5 Gold Arrows Shows Progress Target


Manual 3: Advanced Marketing . . . 160 jam packed pages of advanced marketing strategies designed to leave your competitors in awe – they won't know what hit them.  There are over 100 pages of my "swipe file" that I use when I am designing my own marketing pieces.  Why re-invent it when it's already there.



Resources Definition Magnifier Showing Materials Assets And Manp


Manual 4: Resources Manual . . . This is 100% ready to use resources.  It doesn't matter whether you want a Yellow Pages ad, answering machine script, employee job description, client newsletter, office system template – it's all there and then SOME!



clay font a to z


Manual 5: A to Z of Business . . . Discover ALL of my "behind the scenes" secrets that made my competitors scratch their heads trying to figure out how I had such a successful business.  This manual has the lot!





CD Disk: Resources Templates . . . Here's a time saver if there ever was. You get every Word and Excel I have that's in the resources manual.  Why recreate it when I've already done it for you.  Just put the disk into your computer, copy the contents to your hard drive and put your details in and you're ready to go – it's that simple!

Here Are Just A Few Business-Boosting Secrets You’ll Discover!

  • Simply use this simple, yet devastatingly powerful process after every clean . . . this one brings in the money like magic.
  • The 3 simple sentences to add to any ad, flyer, coupon, door hanger etc. That turns an ordinary ad into a money making bonanza.
  • How to get other business people to get new customers for you for FREE.  This secret is POWERFUL . . . can DOUBLE your business within weeks!
  • The steps you need to take to get your business ready for sale and a BIG exit payday!
  • Why you should never compete on price.  How to raise your fees, lock in customers for next year’s clean and DOUBLE the dollar value of every new customer you get.
  • My 9 business boosting secrets to building a highly profitable business.
  • The most profitable thing you will ever do for your business is to understand and
    exploit the . . .
  • And simply loads more.

best priceAnd The Best Part Of This Is The Price!

Many times I have charged literally thousands of dollars for less information and I could (and probably should) charge $2,497.00 for this and it would still be a great bargain . . .

BUT, I want as many Carpet Cleaners as possible (1 per postcode) to benefit from this information which is why your investment for the “The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System” is only $397.00 and to help your cash flow even more, I’ll let you pay it off over 3 months at $147 per month – save $44 by paying in full.

This means you get to start using the system immediately and only have to improve your sales by less than $8/day over the next 3 months to make it pay for itself. 

One simple strategy will make you far more than this and it only takes 5 minutes to implement (see the Fast Start Guide, Strategy #1)

bonus red word and conceptual target


But it keeps getting better . . . If you are one of the first 17 to order, I’ll give you . . .


2 MONTHS FREE Membership To My Carpet Cleaners Secrets Inner Circle
Club Valued at $134.00


As a member, you have access to advanced tools and support not available to any other clients and you have the option at the end of the 2 months to continue your membership.

From day 1 you receive access to:

  • A massive marketing resources library (none of which are in the “The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System”)
  • Monthly webinars (which you can replay) on specific strategies & implementation as well as answering questions raised during the month by members.
  • Help desk to answer any question you may have about growing your business.
  • Monthly interviews with marketing & business experts (both off & online) from around the world.


1 MONTH FREE Business Coaching
Valued at $697.00

Have you ever wanted to have someone on tap that you can ask those difficult questions that puzzle you, someone who will keep you on track to success while making you accountable for your own actions, then this is what Business Coaching is about.

Every minute you talk to me will be worth hundreds of dollars to you in real terms. You'll have 2 FREE 15 minute power calls so you hit the road running.


FREE Copy of “The Serious Carpet Cleaners Guide To Creating Customers For Life”
Valued at $97.00

You will be the first to see my brand new book which I have created for those that realise the real value of a customer is how long they stay with you, after all its 6 to 8 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep one . . . this guide has it all!

This means you can tap into very important strategies that will literally save you thousands of dollars by retaining more existing customers instead of having to market all the time.


12 Months FREE Subscription To My Weekly Business Building Snippets
Valued at $197.00

Imagine having a constant stream of business building tips and strategies handed to you every week.  I’ve had coaching clients double their businesses by just following these weekly tips . . . what’s stopping you?

Only recently I received feedback from a member that he was able to open up in a second city solely because of the information contained in these weekly gems.

Let’s recap everything you receive, but before I do . . .

I know there are some of you that want and need even more than what I have offered here which is why I have decided to offer 2 versions of “The Carpet Cleaners Secrets System”.

The “GOLD” system contains everything mentioned above including the bonuses, while the “PLATINUM” system includes all of “Gold” plus:




The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Success System which I paid $20,000 to have developed for me by one of Australia’s most brilliant marketing experts.  That’s right, $20,000.00, but it contains advanced marketing and business strategies for those that are serious about moving to the next level.





Over 500 pages in total, this system is a must for any progressive Carpet Cleaner and it’s yours as part of the Platinum System . . . valued at $1,997.

After reading what’s in the Platinum pack, some of you will be wanting it, but scared of the price, WELL here’s the GOOD NEWS! . . . It’s yours for only $597 or 3 monthly payments of $217 – save $54 by paying in Full.


Total value of the Platinum pack with bonuses is $5,619, all for only $597!

Here's Everything You Need And It’s Ready For Instant Download
As Soon As You Place Your Order!



  Value Gold Platinum

Instant Profits System Including Fast Start Guide

$2497.00 Included Included

Bonus 1: 2 Months FREE Access To Carpet
Cleaners Secrets Inner Circle Club

$134.00 Included Included

Bonus 2: FREE Coaching For A Month

$697.00 Included Included

Bonus 3: FREE Guide To Creating Customers For Life

$97.00 Included Included

Bonus 4:  FREE Weekly Snippets For A Year

$197.00 Included Included

Ultimate Small Business Marketing Success System

$1,997.00 Not

Total Value


Your Price

  $397 $597

Monthly Payments x 3

  $147/MTh $217/MTh



Feedback Concept


How can we thank you for the advice and help you have given us with our carpet cleaning business.

Your advice on becoming professionals (being people who own a business that cleans carpets rather than just being carpet cleaners) has given us a positive approach to our business activities, particularly when we used some of your marketing ideas.

Steve, guys don’t believe me, but we have had a genuine increase in turnover of 80% in the last 12 months which we are ecstatic about, considering a population of only 5500 in our town.

We are now operating with much greater confidence and are obviously seeing the benefits of your advice.

Thanks once again,
Greg & Prue Davis, MOD Cleaning Services

As I said before, only 1 per postcode – SNOOZE (or procrastinate) & YOU LOSE!

One of my mentors years ago said to me “Steve, for your life to change, you have to change something in it”, so you now have a choice . . . secure your postcode NOW by ordering immediately to make that change you desperately need or do nothing and be in the same predicament in 12 months’ time – your choice!




Now you have three options . . .

  1. You do nothing and nothing will change. You'll still be wasting money on marketing, still embarrassed about your bank balance, still missing out on all the good things in life you'd love to do. (It's no way to live!)
  2. You can spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure out what to do.
  3. Or you can order today to get started on a whole new way of life and start hauling in the dollars because of your new found marketing advantage.

Warm regards,

Steve Baker

P.S. As I said at the start, 12 months from now, you could be just 1 year older with the same old problems. Feeling tired, embarrassed and frustrated, promising yourself that "one day", you might do something about your income.
OR you could be making "real" money that is the envy of your fellow carpet cleaners, family and friends as well as being happier and bursting with energy, because you don't have to work the crazy hours you used to.
It really is an easy decision. Make that decision today and order NOW!



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